Track Notes : Unfinished Fight 1

01. Infinite Rolling Machine  

Our personality has been too much mechanized.
There is no effort to distinguish friendly people from mechanical machines.
You want to be more machinable person
for upgrading your life. But do you really want to be a machine?

02. Hard Training  

Life is endlessly hard training.
We all must fight with eternal new problem.
You are not the only one.
That is sad but true.
Why did god sets the properties of this world like this? 

03. The Blue Sky  

There is pure heart child on the piano under the blue sky.
The child has special good feelings to the piano teacher,
and I hope to play with them.

04. Down In The Cave  

The man makes a mistake on his life but ignores
that chaos and starts laughing.
Because the man wants to feel some chaotic revolution on his mind.
In spite of knowing the solution to break
that barricade, he preferably wants to make more problems.
And feels satisfaction...

05. Chaotic Synthesis  

We are all different.
Sometimes the differece brings warm mood to extreme pass.
But we lead our life through making groups or social networks.
Parents want you to be a great student,
but you have another plan for your life.
But you must have the breakfast with your family.
Like this, There are too many jails in everywhere.
And we must adapt ourself to new chaotic synthesis.

06. Tragedy

There are so many tragic properties in our world.
We can't empathy with us perfectly even when we really need that.
We're all reserved for dying since birth.
Everyone is so untrue. Someone promoted on the earhole.
If turn some beauty woman's exorbitant high heels into money,
we can give the breads to over 300 hungry people.
To end the war, too many people had to die..
We couldn't avoid that tragedy. In spite of destroying
earth's natural balance, there are no organizations
for adjusting the world development speed.
While i'm delighted by something,
i can't feel the pain of another men or women.
I feels like i'm rubbish.
I feel very sorry about all miserable or tragic properties of the world.
That is just tragedy.

07. Ecstacy  

Have you ever felt the ecstasy when you're on terrible times?

08. 세상 끝에 선 그대 (When You Feel the Dead End)  

I don't know how you make your decision when you meet the hopelessness.
At least, i can understand you and i'll respect your any of decisions.
You're not the only one who feels like knocking on heaven's door.
But life is not a tunnel.. that is what i could talk for you.

tennel vision(터널 시야)
The term "tunnel vision" is used to describe a constricted field of vision in which a person retains their central vision, but has a lack of peripheral vision. Also referred to as a "tubular field" by eye doctors, tunnel vision is much like looking through a small tube. People with tunnel vision often have a difficult time navigating in dim lighting, such as in a dark movie theater.
Although stroke and retinal detachment can cause restricted visual fields, true tunnel vision is most often caused by severe glaucoma and retinitis pigmentosa.  - 

09. 고요한 도시 속에서 (In the Silent City) - feat. Chan Woo

The city suddenly sink with silence on all around.
There are no people in the stores, in the park,
in the subway. But i can't feel the difference between before and after.
To servive in these silences,
i have to defend my soul and identity.
Why couldn't i reach you? Why couldn't you come up to me?
What's wrong with you and me?


많은 것이 평화로워 졌다고 얘기들 하지
지킬것만 지키고 살면 아무 문제 없을 거라고

큰 문제 없는 삶에 빠져들어 웃어주는 너의 미소
난 모르겠어 미안하지만 만족하기가 힘들어

이 넓은 세상에서 아무 것도 느낄수 없어
분명 니가 내눈 앞에 있는데도 언젠가부터

왜 다가갈 수 없나
왜 다가오지 않나

바람만이 나를 스쳐가네
이안에서 모든 추억들은 재로 변해갈 뿐
더이상 지켜 보고 있을 수만은 없어
숨쉬고 있는 나의 존재를 느끼기 위해

많은 것을 포기 해야 한다며
날 웃기곤 했지

자기들은 다 누리면서
나는 없어져야 한다고

이 넓은 세상에서
아무것도 느낄 수 없어

분명 내가 니눈앞에 있는데도

왜 다가갈 수 없나
왜 다가오지 않나

너무 많은 것 들을 포기해야만 했어
꼭이래야 했는지


대단한 꿈이라서
이 세상에 없는 것들이라고

너무 어렵나
한치 앞에 있는 것들을
너와 내가
이뤄 나갈 수 있기를

10. Concurrency - feat. Sebastian W. Suh  

Welcome to the age of retribution.
Dark days...
The poets and the prophets are fed to the machines.
It's happening...repeating...
Simultaneous progress ongoing.
Never stopping to wonder why.

The lights never die in the city.
Where the voice of the voiceless screams in silence.
The night stays alive in the city.
Finding peace in gentle whispers of violence.

A continuum of daily ultimatum.
Set for collision, feel the velocity rise.
A language we speak but don't understand.
Dissolution, and Disorder:
The truth we choose to ignore.

Expansion's the only means to defy our mortality.

The lights never die in the city.
Where the voice of the voiceless screams in silence.
The night stays alive in the city.
Only finding peace in gentle whispers of violence.

Expansion's the only means to defy our mortality.

It's happening...Repeating...

All expansion's in progression
Retribution, set for collision -

other works of Sebastian W. Suh,

11. 잊지않아요 (I'll Not Forget You) - feat. Dong Jin

Even if you couldn't talk to me about meeting together again
for the reason of busy social life,
but i'll not forget you. Thank you for being with me even once.


맘같애선 울고불고
네 뒤를 따라가고 싶었지
그땐 그게
영원한 사랑일거라고 생각했었나봐

밟아 나가는 이 발자국 뒤엔
또 다른 누군가가 따라 오겠지

또하나의 둘도 없는
다신 오지 않을 그런 설렘으로

저미어 오는 저매일의 노을처럼
이맘때쯤 내리는 이 하얀 눈처럼
언젠가 멈출 이 일정한 비트처럼
내 사랑도..

그대여 어디서 뭘하며
누구와 사랑하고 있나요
영원할거라 약속하던 나도
지금 여기까지 왔네요
'바쁜 세상사에 치여' 이런 허울에
서로 만나기 힘들어 졌다고 해도
잊지 않아요
스쳐갔던 당신을

12. 난 항상 여기에 (I Always Will Be Here) - feat. Chan Woo  

'Do you remember me?
I was the gameboy your childhood mate.
I Know you're very tired of living but...
i don't know about real hard life because i'm just your old machine.
But I always will be here for you and get back to this place any time
when you feel too much hard to deal with the real world. '


난 항상 여기에 넌 항상 나에게~로오는 잊지 못할 약속과 추억의 관계인걸

기억해 기대해 우리 다시 만나게 될 희망찬 그때를 그려보며

Hwo~~ clear, Yeah~

'난 아직 여기 있어 아마 앞으로도 계속 여기있을거야 원래의 너가 있었던 그자리 내가 지키고 있던 만큼 너도 지금의 널 지키고 있겠지 하지만 언젠가우린 만나게 될거야 우린 같은곳에서 시작했으니까'

기억해 노래해 우리 다시 만나게 될 희망찬 미래 언제나 우리 곁에
늘 달려갈 거야 늘 기다릴 거야 이 푸르른 화면으로 널 반길거야~

언제든 돌아와
항상 난 여기 있을테니까

13. Quake of Mind (Bonus track)  

I feel the quake of mind when i meet the continual chaotic stimulatings.
And there is a rhythm in that pattern.
I hope to enjoy the changes of my emotional rhythm. But it's very hard.