Track Notes : Unfinished Fight 2

01. Beautiful Work  

Our history is plagued with wars. We live in a kill or be killed kind of world, and what for? It's not like any of us will be living forever. While I was thinking that we need not look further in search of a living hell, there were also moments that I had seen a glimmer of hope. It may have been a very shallow silver lining, but that didn't matter. I see many of our mistakes acknowledged and shared through various forms; technologies that once killed used in ways to save lives; the world becoming smaller and people creating communion with someone on the other side of the globe. These probably insignificant examples give me enough reason to realize why the human race didn't go extinct already, and so I guess the continuation of our race was able to reach the birth of myself. Despite my initial denial, I find myself becoming more open to the positivity that exists, and I applaud the positive wake that we as humans attempt to leave behind. Both the darkness and light, and the transitions of my mind are expressed in this song.

02. NewGen  

Old generations are replaced with new ones all the time. Unfortunately, we sometimes lack the respect that the past rightfully deserves. Progression is made based on what existed before, but anything that has lost its efficiency or 'current' value is treated as obsolete. An everyday example would be the pager which used to take us on an emotional journey that no smartphone would ever be able to provide. Old towns that hold memories dear to many people have been completely replaced by new buildings, leaving even the pets that we once buried with our own hands to the mercy of the bulldozers. The part I felt that was tragic more than the phenomenon itself is that it is rather hopeless to go against such changes. "NewGen" is a personal representation of this tragedy.

03. Poisoned by Competition

Competition seems to be an addiction, and the world is full of addicts. Even when they are smiling to your face, what's going through their brains is how to step on you and take that next flight higher. Establish a comparison system and go by the rules, and by the way, free emotions are not allowed. These people blend in with the rest, but they are constantly asking 'is he better looking than I am?', 'is she more popular than I am?', 'are they richer than we are?'... and this spills onto everything else in life. From higher grades, better cars, and bigger houses, to how much the price tag on my goddamn guitar is.
Care to spare a dollar? I know we make the same amount of money but I just need to see you with less. No, I can't lose. Yes, I f**kin' beat him! But...where the hell am I now?
It is an addiction for sure, and like any addiction, many fail to make it out of it.
The sounds on this track stems from my anticipation to see people freeing both themselves and others of these shackles.

04. 8Bit 

What a life. I've become too sick and too tired to even laugh or cry. This is when my old buddy, an 8bit game character, stares me in the face. Back when I used to play him, I didn't think much of his smile which you could barely make out through the shitty graphics. But now, I had to ask him, "you're going through all this crap, clearing stage after stage, and how in the hell are you able to maintain that smile? I sure as hell ain't able to do that." My 8bit friend replied, "This world does not 'require' us to make a variety of faces. There is no reason to laugh or cry, or get mad even. I just face the next challenge, and deal with it. After all, that is all the world cares about us anyway."
I had to shut up as I felt in him a far deeper sadness than anything I had experienced so far.

05. The Bear Blues

This is a blues based rock and roll track intended for rocking out and nothing else. This is me ignoring the world, or at least pretending to do so, as the fights continue around us. Just envision an actual bear rocking and dancing to the music. You may be able to picture it jumping and falling down. Join me on this rock and roll ride. Bob your head even if you don't feel like it. In no time, You'll feel better for it.

06. 내가 내뜻대로 (If  My Mind Could be Mine) - feat. Chan Woo

Obsession is dangerous. Most of the time, it adds onto the problems that I am already facing. I know that. But letting go of that obsession can be the hardest thing ever. If we didn't have that gap between our realizations and our actions, the question "So what is it that you really want?" may not have even taken form. "Why can't my own mind ever truly be my own?" was the question that followed. Eventually I discovered that once I can truly let go, it immediately diminishes this gap. The emotions that occurred throughout this process was developed into these melodies and harmonies. If we actually had control over our minds, I am certain we would feel much better about our lives.

난 어릴 때부터 너무 욕심이 많았지 원하면 내가 내 뜻대로 움직여줄 거라고 항상 짙은 안개 속을 헤매며 머물던 차가운 감옥 같은 곳을 이젠 벗어 나려 해

다 잃어 갔어 원하려 하면 할 수록 지쳐 가면서 그렇게 난 모든걸 가진 척했던 거야 다 되찾겠어 억울하게 잊혀진 내 망설임 없던 거침없던 내 자리로

아직도 뭔가 계속 부족하다 느꼈지 그땐 뭐가 문젠지 알지 못했었지 나를 이겨보겠다는 생각에 갇혀서 못 보던 걷기조차 힘든 지친 거울 속의 나

다 되찾겠어 억울하게 잊혀진 내 망설임 없던 거침없던 내 자리로 빠른 세상 속에 강요 당해야만 한다는 누굴 위한 논리 이젠 다 지겨워 집어 넣어 둬

왜 그렇게 난 놓지를 못했던 건지 다른 이들의 삶이 그토록 신경 쓰였나 방황 속의 집착의 미로에 언제까지 있을 셈인지. 왜

왜 난 만족하질 못하나 왜 내 안에서 찾질 못하나 그렇게 난 도대체 뭘 바랬던 건지 얻긴 했는지

웃으면서도 차분히 나아갈 수 있었는데 난 마음을 잃어 가면서 까지 방향을 잃어 버리고

다만 가능하다면 모든 것을 내려 놓고 만들어 가겠어 깊은 한숨을 기쁜 환호로-

07. 이런 날 용서해 (Don't Forgive Me) feat. Dong Jin 

The hero in this song is sick of the emotional turmoil occurred through relationships. What he really wanted was to throw away the mask and touch upon real things, meaningful things. Obviously, things didn't work out that way. As a means to adapt, he took upon a facade of his own, in an attempt to relish the interaction between two facades, only to realize that a discrepancy had manifested between his emotions then, and now. He couldn't ask to be forgiven, neither could he ask not to be forgiven. He was in a deadlock. At the same time, he was seeking yet another facade to experience a different kind of interaction. This all feels like a waste to me, and this was more of a simulation than a reflection. The irony of the emotional journey is expressed in the music here, the irony probably attributing to the vast difference in musical style.

너 뭘 그리 말없이 주윌 살피며 여유를 부리는 거니 다시 날 만나면 함께 꼭 가고 싶었던 곳이 있다며
이 뻔한 분위기에 뻔한 시간에 뻔한 사람들 이 시간 너와 함께 해서 정말 많은 것을 느끼고 있어
'나갈게 오늘밤에 기다리던 너의 방에'
나 oh 이제서야 내 모순을 깨달았어 그건 언젠가 내가 내게 꽃아 둔 비수처럼 늘 니 곁에 있어 준다던 아름다웠던 내 사랑이 지금 이렇게 잔인하게 변해 버린걸
다른 여자와의 새로운 기대에 부푼 이순간 내 안에 무언가 있다면 그건 널 위한 자비일 뿐이야
희미해져 가는 저 가로수 불빛 사이로 매정히 사라져가는 내 사랑과 너와의 추억들
'나갈게 오늘밤에 기다리던 그녀의 방에'
지긋지긋한 향수 냄새에 쩔어 입장 차리는 것보단 그때 반짝이는 별 아래 수줍어서 서로 말도 못하던 때가 기억나 그때처럼 나를 안아봐 나 느껴져 날 사랑한다고 너 너도 느껴봐 내가 널 사랑한다고
이젠 쓸모 없이 견뎌댈 필요가 없게 된 거야 그 동안은 애매한 감정들로 인해 누가 봐도 같잖은 정 따위에 밤을 지새우며 남 모르게 슬퍼했던 날들
나도 몰래 니 뒤에서 눈물 흘리며 많이 고민해왔어 왤까 단지 익숙해짐에 건방져진 건지
날 이해해 주겠다며 밝게 웃는 진실된 네 앞에서 이젠 다시 더는 너를 두고 기만 할 수는 없어
내 욕심에 너를 가둘 수 없어 내 집착에 너를 망칠 수 없어 더 먼 곳으로 널 떠나 보낼게
후회, 안 해, 후회, 안 해 이런 날 용서해-

08. 혼자 기죽지마 (Don't be Depressed Alone)  - feat. Chan Woo 

It's been a while since Life took away from my everyday smiles. Just because I was down and out, I didn't want to hear people constantly telling me to 'get up'. Why the additional effort? I had to find the answer to the question, and for the answers to bear any meaning at all, they had to be sincere. Any option that lacked even an ounce of sincerity would not have been able to convince me. But then, I figured out that any time someone is moved by me, any time I put a smile on someone's face, I react. I feel life becoming meaningful, and I find the urge to live. A type of an action-reaction, if you will. I desperately wanted to remember this feeling, and that desperation was translated into this track.

혼자 풀 죽지마 그건 니가 아니야 그때의 너를 찾는 거야 평범함에도 웃어 주곤 했지 그래 바로 그게 너야
잠깐의 기억 그건 모두 버려 버리고 작은 것부터 다시 시작해 거칠은 세상 이젠 지겹다고 말해도 이게 나의 세상인걸-
내 안엔 갈증들이 가득해 내 안엔 다른 내가 존재해-
혼자 기죽지마 이젠 일어설 때야 내 안에 숨겨진 수많은 꿈들 이젠 펼쳐보자 높은 꿈이 그저 꿈이 아니게 너와 내가
스쳐간 사람 모두 꿈이 있을까 그 속에서 난 그저 모래알처럼 작기만 한 세상 속 단역일 뿐이었겠지만 괜찮아 난 괜찮아
내 안의 열정들이 소리쳐내 마지막 순간을 지켜 주겠다고 yeah
만약에 또 다시 내가 헷갈린다면 지나간 내 추억의 책을 다시 펼쳐봐 거기 내가 있지 아파했지 주위엔 아무도 없었지 그냥 져버렸지 지쳤었지
이젠 짓밟혀도 지지 않고 일어나려 해 그만한 가치가 있을 테니까 나는 행복하지 널 볼 때면 날 보고 감동할 때면 나는 울게 되지
날 보고 미소 질 때면 나는 달려가지 내 끝없는 미래를 위해 가는 거야 나와 함께-

09. Rest in Peace (고이 잠들기 바라며)

This is a dedication to a deceased actress who I knew little about. What I did know is that she had the most beautiful smile. Seeing how hard it is in today's world to hold a genuine smile such as hers, her sudden death left me frustrated, but her smile was engraved in my heart. I felt a connection between that smile, and the messages I wanted to portray through 'Unfinished Fight'. The production of this album having become a lifelong mission for me, and I would like to include those faithfully departed amongst the ones I play this song for. I wish her happiness in the afterlife.

10. Own My Way 

I have been focused on a single goal for quite a long time. My perspective towards this goal however, has constantly evolved. The sound of this song is shaped on how I view the goal today. Had I written this song in my twenties, the song may have been fueled with youth and passion. But back then, I was more focused on making it towards my goal rather than on how I view the goal itself. Thus, I doubt that I would have written such a song.
The way I see it now, it is not essential for goals and dreams to have a 'holy' status. You do not have to keep running towards it at full speed while losing your breath. Consistency, not speed, is more important, and actually, maybe that's enough. Because at times, doing your best can be dangerous even. Goals and dreams can afford to be approached more causally, and sometimes this can be far more productive in the long term. That is the message within this song.

11. The Moments

The autumn rain and winter snow numbs my vast variety of abhorrence. The turbulence discontinues and a new emotion takes place; one that reflects upon beautiful memories, and wants to approach the beauty itself. But then, the emotion evolves into obsession, making me realize that unlike what I had anticipated, the numbness was not sufficient. I am the insatiable ego. This realization makes me sad, and the moment of this sadness has been meld into this tune.
My question to you is, whenever you remember your beautiful moments, only to realize that they are no longer a part of your life, can you accept this revelation as-is, and still be satisfied with your current self? If your answer is yes, you deserve my envy.

12. 다시 만날 이 자리 (Till we meet again)  - feat. Chan Woo

Whenever someone listens to my music, you become my bunch of flowers. Not unlike how one becomes another's flower when addressing each other by name. Would I ever have the chance to become a flower to you? I hope so even if it is confined to this stage where I interact with you all.

니 맘이 잠시 내게 왔다 간 빈 자리 그 공허한 구석에서 한편으론 널 기다리는 즐거움

미래에서 보러 왔다며 날 웃게 해줬던 너 같이 미소 짓던 너 보고파-

니 맘이 잠시 내게 왔다 간 빈 자리 그 외로운 구석에서 한편으론 널 기대하는 놀라움

미래에서 보러 왔다며 날 웃게 해줬던 너 같이 미소 지어주던 너 보고파-

그대와 다시 만나게 되어버릴 이 자리 이 황홀한 무대에서 망설이길 위해 간다면 가슴이 아파

뒤돌아서 슬퍼한다면 나는 울고 있겠지 저길 서서 날 바라본다면 온종일 네게 다가가겠지 이유가 있어도 보기 어려운 너와 나의 만남을

그리고 우릴 위해, 위해-

13. Longing (bonus track) 

This girl had come to me. The reason though, was because she was having big trouble with her boyfriend. She asked me, hadn't I fallen for her the first time we met. I said that I did. She asked whether I was still interested in her. I could only reply that I could not since she already had someone. It was a wonderful feeling when she expressed a sense of fondness towards me, but once she became too drunk, I dropped her off at her boyfriend's place. They had yet to reconcile, but that was the best I could do at the time. On my ride back home, I found myself longing for that wonderful feeling again, and that's when the melodies hit me. I remember that moment as yet another fight going on inside of me, and as much as I do not wish to go through that kind of internal fight again, but I do come back to play this song every now and then. 

14. Breath on Voidness

Emptiness would come upon anyone who constantly meanders without finding who you really want to be. I believe I am not alone in wasting years in this state of emptiness. For three whole years, my entire life was comprised of eating, sleeping, and playing games. Listless, faceless, and nothing but void accompanying me. I detested it, but did nothing about it. This song was written in that state, and was about me in that state. I had contemplated for the longest time on whether a song such as this should be a part of a 'rock' album, especially based on the concept that I have laid out in the descriptions. The reason "Breath on Voidness" eventually made it on here is because I felt this was also a part of an 'Unfinished Fight' that rages on internally.